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What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

How long does it take to get my rental?
If you have an urgent need, we have the ability to get one out within an hour.
If you need same day we can have it for you within 6 hours.
If no urgency, you can just schedule for the day you need

What do you do to prevent damage to my driveway or sidewalk?
We suggest you provide protective boards that we will put down underneath the rear rollers of the dumpster
and the front. Even with this precaution, in extreme heat the weight of a full dumpster can sink into hot
pavement. While we do our best to prevent any damage from occurring, we cannot guarantee that any won’t
occur. This is why we require a signed Damage Waiver from either the homeowner or contractor before we will
place a dumpster in a driveway.

What items can NOT go in the dumpster?
Nothing can be sticking out of the top of the dumpster. Additional requirements may apply based upon locality.
Liability for appropriate waste remains with the customer. The following items are prohibited:
■ Hazardous materials
■ Paint
■ Waste Oil
■ Batteries
 (we buy batteries at our facility)
Rechargeable batteries  (accepted at our facility) (no alkaline batteries accepted)
■ Propane/gas tanks
■ E-Scrap (Electronics accepted at our facility for an additional fee)
■ Appliances with freon (accepted at our facility for an additional fee)
■ Tires (accepted at our facility for an additional fee per tire)
■ Yard waste (brush, lawn clippings, etc)
■ Florescent or ballast light bulbs
■ Please do not put Recyclables in dumpsters.

Is emergency delivery available?
Emergency services are available based upon location and availability.

Can I get my dumpster placed in the street?
Please check with your local municipality or city if permits are required in your area.

How do I get billed for a dumpster?   (per container)
The billing system is simple, there is a rental charge for the delivery and pick-up of the dumpster.  The fee will
also be determined by weight which comes from a state approved and certified scale.  If your dumpster has
prohibited items additional charges will occur.  Please call us to get current pricing - (920) 898-5498

How do I get billed for a portable storage container?   (per container)
There is a one time delivery fee and pick-up fee for all units.  There is also a monthly fee that applies to all
Portable Storage Containers.  Please call us to get current pricing - (920) 898-5498
Frequently Asked Questions
We Recycle
Buyers of Non-Ferrous/Ferrous Items including: aluminum (no
cans), copper, brass, batteries, scrap metal, automobiles, etc...
NOTE:  No concrete ash or dirt allowed in front load containers.